Space And Flow

Product design, from concept to growth

Successful digital products begin with big ideas and humble actions: disposable designs, imperfect tests, execution challenges, and a whole lot of faith in your vision.

Space And Flow specializes in leading teams through early-stage challenges by building on the experience and practices of principal designer Arijit Das, a 25-year veteran of digital product design.

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Year One: Whoa

We are so grateful to our team and client partners for an amazing first year!

What began as a solo design practice has quickly grown into a small team working across a number of projects. It's hard to get comfortable as specialists in launching new products - our job is to navigate the murky and unknown. But it is satisfying to discover that our approach is delivering impact for clients.

We launched in late 2019 with the firm belief that design services should be collaborative, humble, and brave enough to tackle the real challenges of launching successful products. In just over one year, we have delivered results for start ups and enterprises, including the Federal Reserve, Haven Life, Informed XP, and Tropic.