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Product design from vision to growth

We partner with founders to design and launch visionary products

Space And Flow defined the UX vision for several of our tools, ranging from complex, industry-specific configuration management tools to mass-market front-ends tailored to make user experiences highly efficient, intuitive, and delightful. They bridged the gap between our tech capabilities and user expectations, and were invaluable for developing innovative products rapidly.
Todd Rodgers
It has been great to have Space And Flow by our side from the get go. They built a solid analytical foundation for our MVP through in-depth workshops and metadata analysis and helped the product mature into a leading example of our SaaS offerings. At an organizational level, Space And Flow helped us coalesce our design standards and processes across multiple products and influenced our productization strategy. They excel at interacting with everyone from executives to engineers and seamlessly embedding into our Agile teams.
Gautam Kumar
AVP of Product
Arijit’s creative thinking, knowledge and communication on design impact, coupled with a willingness to pause and listen, were greatly appreciated and (sometimes desperately) needed.
Sherry Lu
Product Manager

The SĀF difference

Design better faster

We believe design is a strategic business challenge. Our process connects the dots between vision and implementation to build the right thing the right way and keep improving.

Actionable Vision - Partnering closely with founders, we cut through noise to discover the right problem statements, distill innovative ideas into action-oriented strategies, and establish operational best practices.

Team Alignment - Our lead designers embed seamlessly with product managers and engineers to bridge gaps between roles. This ensures compelling roadmaps, smooth collaboration, and efficient progress.

Exceptional UX Design - We are committed to crafting intuitive, user-centered experiences that drive engagement and customer loyalty.

Been there, crushed that

Arijit Das
Founder + Principal

Arijit (AWE-ri-jit) brings over 25 years of expertise in digital product design and team leadership. Beyond design, Arijit's experience as a developer, product manager, and entrepreneur enables him to bridge gaps in product teams, removing blockers and ensuring smooth progress.

His significant contributions include pioneering first-generation e-learning programs for the US Navy, developing a first-of-its-kind digital cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents with anxiety, leading digital retail design for the Kohl’s Lab program, and most recently, directing the product design of an innovative insurtech platform.


Product Strategy

Developing an initial concept or need a strategic pivot? Our lean approach to strategy is proven to discover the right goals and move teams forward quickly.

  • Lean research & opportunity discovery
  • Customer modeling
  • Concept design & validation
  • Product & design roadmaps

Fractional Design Team

Ready to build? Our full-service design team supports you from MVP to growth.

  • PI planning support
  • UX / UI design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design QA
  • User testing


  • Fully embedded Lead Designer
  • Head of Design providing leadership, strategic guidance, and QA
  • Supporting design team